Through fidgets that harness attention, projects that teach strategies, how-to videos, and tools for managing everything ADHD the BRAIN HACK PACK will provide your child with a whole new understanding of the awesome ADHD brain.

Each month, your child will receive a themed box with 7-10 items full of hope, fun, and life hacks curated by Tracey and Holly, an award winning team combining coaching, art therapy, and counseling for more than 14 years.

Order by the 30th of each month for the next month's delivery.

Join our Subscription Program and get:

🌟Access to our parent portal full of PDF supports, checklists and videos all centered around the theme of the month.

🌟An invitation to our Facebook Parent Community where we share resources.

🌟Monthly parent training that can be attended live or viewed on your own time!


Imagine giving your child the gift of understanding their ADHD brain and recognizing all of the talents they possess.

Imagine your child pushing right through challenges because they have a new understanding of themselves and new tools to navigate the world with ADHD.

Imagine your child being excited each month to open a box full of surprises that are all about their awesome brain! Tracey and Holly know ADHD brains are awesome and it’s time for your child to know this too! 

It’s like bringing us home in a box so we can teach your child new skills through a subscription experience!

About the Brain Hack Pack Creators

Meet Tracey and Holly

Moms, an ADHD Coaching/Counseing Duo, Fans of all ADHD Brains

For years, people have asked if we could come home with them and help their children see past the sometimes devastating challenges of ADHD and, instead, embrace the awesomeness of an ADHD brain. Now, you can! Our kids subscription box, the Brain Hack Pack, is designed to focus on the good feels your child can experience and further our mission to spread ADHD love to as many families as possible. 

So excited you're here and we can't wait for you and the ADHD brains in your life to experience hope, fun, and our ADHD expertise all in a box! 


Tracey and Holly


How does this process work?

You choose whether you would like to purchase one box or one of our subscription options. If you are gifting the subscription you will have the same options. Then the first week of the following month your child will receive their box! 

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can simply login to your account by the 15th of each month to cancel.

Can I return a box?

We do not take returns, but we do strive for excellence.  We welcome feedback and will make our best effort to ensure your satisfaction.

Can I gift the box?

Yes, you can gift one box or any one of our subscription options. 

What if I have questions about something in the box; is there customer support?

Email info@navigatingadhd.com with your questions or concerns and we will respond ASAP.

What ages is the box designed for?

Ages 8-12 are going to love this box!

Do you ship internationally?

Right now we have free shipping to anywhere in the US. International shipping fees are determined on a per shipment basis.

What happens when the prepaid subscription is over?

Each subscriber receives an email at the end of a subscription with options to continue or quit.